Who we are

Why was GHC established and how is it funded?

GHC was established in 2012 with the objective of addressing the lack of affordable housing options for low to middle-income earners in Gladstone.

Our Gladstone projects bring together the expertise of its parent company, Queensland’s largest not-for-profit affordable housing provider, BHC and $19.8M in seed funding from Gladstone’s three LNG proponents – APLNG, GLNG and QGC.

Together, we are redefining the concept of affordable housing, building high quality, functional and architecturally designed accommodation for tenants, buyers and investors.

This innovative partnership between GHC and these LNG proponents has already received national recognition, earning the Business Partner of the Year Award at the 2013 PowerHousing Australia Annual Awards.  


Is GHC a bonafide not-for-profit organisation?

GHC is a bonafide not-for-profit organisation (income tax exempt charity) created specifically to support the people of Gladstone. Any profits generated through our developments go directly back into developing more affordable housing for Gladstone.

We were established to achieve the important charitable objective of providing affordable rental housing for everyday Gladstone people who have been priced out of the accommodation market. 


How can GHC be a not-for-profit organisation, when it is developing and selling property?

Any profits generated through our developments go directly back into developing more affordable housing for Gladstone.

We achieve this by retaining ownership of a portion of the development, renting it out at discounted rates and selling the remainder. These sales ensure there is a good mix of tenants and, importantly, generate the profits which fund future affordable housing for Gladstone.


What is GHC’s commitment to Gladstone?

One of GHC's core objectives is to assist in meeting the Gladstone community’s medium to long term housing needs. GHC is committed to providing a long-term expert housing advice and consultancy service to the local community by working in conjunction with the Gladstone Regional Council and capacity building existing local providers. This collaborative approach ensures local providers are looked after and a long-term affordable housing strategy is provided for the community.


Why Gladstone needs affordable housing

Who will benefit from the GHC’s projects?

GHC helps to accommodate those who work in the retail, emergency services, health care and education sectors, and those who can no longer rent or buy in Gladstone without spending a substantial percentage of their incomes on housing costs.

These groups represent some of Gladstone’s key workers and provide essential services to the community. We want to help Gladstone retain these essential community members.


How we develop affordable housing

What Development Application (DA) process were GHC’s initial Gladstone developments subject to?

GHC was and continues to be subject to the same conditions and processes as any commercial developer. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, does GHC receive any exemptions when undertaking a Development Application?

No. GHC is subject to the same conditions and scrutiny as any commercial developer when applying to develop a property.


As a not-for-profit, can GHC design and construct the same quality product that a commercial developer can?

Absolutely. Whilst we are yet to build in Gladstone, our parent Company, BHC, has an exemplary track record providing high quality, award-winning, affordable accommodation having developed clsoe to 1,500 units in Brisbane click here to view BHC's Development Portfolio.  These same quality and standards will apply to our Gladstone developments.


How can I keep informed about GHC developments?

GHC is committed to ensuring the community, together with prospective tenants, buyers and investors, are kept informed throughout the various stages of our developments.

To ensure you receive the most current news and information about GHC activities, please register your interest.


Has GHC taken local aesthetics into consideration when designing proposed developments, particularly if it is building in established areas?

When planning, we consider the needs of potential buyers and tenants, as well as the community where the development is located.

GHC has a strong emphasis on design and liveability, choosing locations carefully and ensuring the design is considerate to the local area.


How does GHC select the locations for its developments?

GHC has selected sites all of which are in zones with increased residential density in Gladstone’s planning scheme.  GHC aims to develop affordable housing in sought after locations close to local amenities. A healthy, liveable and sustainable city requires housing to be within walking, cycling, or appropriate public transport distance to employment, education, parks, shops, and community services. By ensuring our developments are located close to places of employment and other essential services, people may choose to limit other significant expenses (i.e. car ownership and/or usage) and enjoy a more affordable standard of living.