Fisher Crest, Fisher Street


For our Fisher Crest homes, the rents are up to 74.9% of the current market rate.

For example, if the current market rate for a 1 bedroom apartment is $250, an eligible GHC tenant could be charged up to 74.9% of this amount, which is approximately $187.25.

Whilst GHC's rent depends on the type of apartment and its location, they are kept within an affordable level to most households. We assess the affordability of our rent for our tenants with a 30% of household income benchmark. A table identifying rent price points for a number of Gross Household incomes is listed below.  

Gross Annual Household Income 30% of Household Income Benchmark
$30,000 $173
$35,000 $201
$40,000 $230
$45,000 $259
$50,000 $288
$55,000 $316
$60,000 $345
$65,000 $374

Rent amounts are reviewed on an annual basis and may increase or decrease up to a maximum of 74.9% of the then market rate. However, tenants will always be notified in writing (in advance) of any rent increases.

To apply contact property managers: LJ Hooker Gladstone on (07) 4976 8000 or