Tenant Selection & Allocation

OurTenant Selection and Allocation Policy ensures the selection and allocation of tenants to GHC properties is undertaken in compliance with contractual obligations, company policy requirements and in accordance with the requirements of funders of those properties.

Eligibility Criteria

All applicant's must satisfy the following general and specific criteria. 

General criteria:

  • Intend to use the accommodation as their principal place of residence.
  • Demonstrate they have a reliable source of income from working within the Gladstone region.
  • Lack reasonable means of meeting their housing need in other ways.
  • To exceed the income eligibility limits established by the Company at the time of interview.
  • Demonstrate the household meets the minimum affordability limits of GAH rents in relation to the type of property they could be allocated.
  • Have no outstanding debts with GHC from previous tenancies with the company.
  • Have not been evicted from GHC properties for serious objectionable behaviour.
Australian citizenship or residency criteria:

An applicant must:
  • Be an Australian citizen; or
  • Have been granted permanent residency status (Note: Where an applicant has applied for permanent residency but is not yet a permanent resident will not be offered assistance until they have permanent residency status.); or
  • Qualify or permanent residency status through agreements between Australia and another country or;
  • Hold a Temporary Protection Visa; or
  • Hold a Bridging Visa if they previously held a Temporary Protection Visa which has expired.
  • An applicant must be a Queensland resident. This requirement may be waived in circumstances where an applicant can provide satisfactory evidence of a genuine need to move to the Gladstone region.
Exceptions may be considered in period of low demand.

Affordable Housing Rental Accomodation

GHC's rent is set at less than 75% of the current market rate.

For example in high-cost areas, rent capping subject to the company’s viability will be implemented based on affordability for the company’s target client groups (ie. Some rents may be well below the 75% to ensure affordability).

Rent capping for self-contained accommodation, existing tenants, and vacant units is by location and unit type, and is subject to GHC's viability and based on the affordability of tenants. This approach aims to balance the financial needs of GHC and preserve the affordability of tenants on low to moderate incomes. 

GHC has properties that are subject to different funding sources for both of our developments. The 12 units in Glenlyon Street is funded by both LNG proponents and NRAS. Fisher Street development is only funded by LNG proponents.